Easy cleaning TPE waterproof Car Trunk Mat For Volkswagen Tiguan

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Interior Protection
Matrial : TPE

1. Environmental Friendly Material, Non-Toxic and Odorless
2. 3 dimensional design measured to exact cabin contours of your vehicles to contain mess and spills.
3. Security Fasteners keeps Mats in Place without harming the original carpet
4. Joint Vehicle Brand Elements, Professional Design
5. Easy to Clean, Easy Care Non-Skid.
6. Raised Edges giving Maximum Coverage & Protection.
7. Waterproof: Effectively Protects Vehicles Interior. Deep Channels to Carry fluids and debris.
8. Innovative material minimizes foot fatigue and provides the sound barrier for a quieter ride.
9. Perfectly customized for each vehicle.
Model:Volkswagen Tiguan

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Custom precision fit liners made from 3D laser scans of the interior area of your vehicle
A low density strong flexible material that allows for easy install, removal, and will keep it shapes for life
Raised edges all the way around to make sure the mess stays on the liner and off your clean carpet
Textured skid-resistant surface liner makes it easy to cleaned by wiping, hosing off, or simply using soap and water
Stain-resistant, 100% odorless protection with modern style that gives your SUV’s interior a first class look while protecting the resale value

3W Floor Liners are a great solution to brighten up your vehicle’s interior and prevent unsightly staining. Our custom fit Floor Mats protect your car’s interior and provide you a practical way to extend the life of your carpet by blocking spills and daily wear. They are cut to a laser precision to perfectly fit your vehicle providing you max protection and peace of mind. Made with a modern styling they will improve the look of your interior and help maintain the re-sell value.

All Coverage For Your SUV
Protect your adventurous SUV with our full set of Floor Mats combinations that include the Cargo Liner. Prevent permanent damage to your carpet with our modern style and high quality Liners that shield your carpet from corrosive liquids, dirt, and daily wear n’ tear. Our Liners are the most affordable and continues to remain one of the top leaders in the auto industry in custom designed, 3D scanned Floor Liners.

Look For Our Mess Proof Liner Combos
Your vehicle’s cargo or trunk area endures abuse on a daily basis. We load heavy bags, cartons and boxes as well as different messy and dirty tools in our car’s cargo area. These things leave your carpet looking stained, ripped and dirty. Cargo Liners like 3W can help to preserve your carpet without taking away the functionality from your trunk or cargo area. With your trunk or cargo area covered with a custom fit heavy duty Liner by 3W, you can prevent your hauls from causing permanent damage to your carpet. Just like our car Floor Mats, our Cargo Liners come in a modern style and high quality materials to help shield your carpet from corrosive liquids, dirt, and daily wear n’ tear.

There is a lot of rain in summer, which has a strong corrosive effect on the paint surface and skin of the car, and will cause certain damage to the car over time. The cushion can prevent things from sliding in the car, especially when you encounter bumpy roads while driving, often because of bumps, items will be scattered or slipped. If your trunk is equipped with a cushion, this will not happen It happened because the mat has a well-designed anti-slip function. The trunk of a car is a place for storing things, and its role cannot be ignored. Car trunk mat is an environmentally friendly car interior parts that integrates the five main functions of water absorption, dust collection, decontamination, sound insulation, and protection of the trunk carpet.




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