Best Selling Car Accessories TPE Anti Slip Car Mat For Renault

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Interior Protection
Matrial : TPE

1. Environmental Friendly Material, Non-Toxic and Odorless
2. 3 dimensional design measured to exact cabin contours of your vehicles to contain mess and spills.
3. Security Fasteners keeps Mats in Place without harming the original carpet
4. Joint Vehicle Brand Elements, Professional Design
5. Easy to Clean, Easy Care Non-Skid.
6. Raised Edges giving Maximum Coverage & Protection.
7. Waterproof: Effectively Protects Vehicles Interior. Deep Channels to Carry fluids and debris.
8. Innovative material minimizes foot fatigue and provides the sound barrier for a quieter ride.
9. Perfectly customized for each vehicle.

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Renault  KADJAR
Renault is a global brand with more than 12,000 sales outlets in 134 countries. It has a legendary starting point, and is full of the passion and romance inherent in France. After 122 years of inheritance and accumulation, it always leads the industry change and the trend of the times. As the world’s leading French brand, Renault has been committed to developing innovative concepts and reshaping the way of travel, allowing users to enjoy a relaxed and pleasant driving life. In China, Renault has an insight into the current consumer’s emotional demands for life, and put forward the brand proposition of “please enjoy life”, emphasizing the brand personality of “enthusiasm and romance, uniqueness, optimism and clarity”.

Regardless of any place and under any circumstances, the most important thing for car owners is to fully guarantee the safety of the car and the normal operation of various functions. 3W car mats can reassure car owners and ensure that they can always own and keep the factory. The best performance at the time.

The structure and function design of car mats have achieved a perfect combination with the car with the efforts of professional car engineers. High quality can be seen from countless details, seamlessly integrated with all parts of the body, eliminating friction noise. Ensure driving safety, visual comfort, waterproof and shockproof. For the design and production process of car mats, there are very strict management and production requirements.

Economization: Save your time and money when you just purchase this whole set of mats which provides every mats and trays needed in a Renault vehicle .
Eage: A raised edge has your carpet cover ,prevents liquid permeating.
Flexibility: Made of premium TPE material will allow any violent bending for the mats which could be restored effortlessly in a short time.

No interference: fits perfectly right under the gas pedal and brakes with no chance of interference.
Ridge: Raised ridges to catch and capture Mud, Snow, Dirt, Grit, and Spills.
Surface: A rugged and fine surface is designed to last a long time.
Perfect fit: Not only they can fit perfectly in your car , provide full coverage and protection.

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