Custom Black TPE Material Car Mat For Mazda

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Interior Protection
Matrial : TPE

1. Environmental Friendly Material, Non-Toxic and Odorless
2. 3 dimensional design measured to exact cabin contours of your vehicles to contain mess and spills.
3. Security Fasteners keeps Mats in Place without harming the original carpet
4. Joint Vehicle Brand Elements, Professional Design
5. Easy to Clean, Easy Care Non-Skid.
6. Raised Edges giving Maximum Coverage & Protection.
7. Waterproof: Effectively Protects Vehicles Interior. Deep Channels to Carry fluids and debris.
8. Innovative material minimizes foot fatigue and provides the sound barrier for a quieter ride.
9. Perfectly customized for each vehicle.

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What is TPE materials?
TPE is a Thermoplastic Elastomers, Combines the advantages of rubber and plastic materials, so it has a good resilience, durability and flexible. TPE is a kind of excellent colorability, elasticity, environmental and durabel material, many products are made of TPE, such as babys pacifier, comb, infusion tube and toothbrush etc.

Full TPE, no peculiar smell, healthier
TPE can be integrated into the mold by injection molding, eliminating the use of additives such as glue, so that the material is not affected by foreign objects, so there is no peculiar smell and no irritation to the human body. TPE materials are often used in the maternal and infant industry, which is truly safe and healthy!
For families with pregnant women and babies, environmentally safe and safe TPE products are also very necessary.

3D scanning, injection molding, more suitable for the body
Use a professional 3D scanner to scan the car body, which is dedicated for special vehicles, which is more suitable

Not stuck seat track
The standard version is in place, the corner is compliant, does not jam the seat track, and does not affect the front and rear adjustment of the seat

Double-layer fasteners are not loose
Each car mat is specially developed for the fasteners on the chassis of each original car, and the car mats are not loosened to ensure safe driving

Clean after flushing, easier to maintain
Seamless one-piece molding and non-stick coating treatment. If it is dirty, just wipe it with a cloth or rinse it with water to clean it as new.

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